How It Started

I am Eileen Juan,
the founder and CEO of
The Story Company.

I am a storyteller, an entrepreneur, and a mom.


My sons always ask, “When I was born, what was it like?”, “When I was born, where did we live?”, “When I was born, who were the pets in the house?”

There were so many questions, but more than any other, they always asked me, “Tell me the story again mom.” I thought of all the moms who had to repeat stories, and of moms who don’t even remember the stories.  With that in mind, I started a story book called “When I was born…” to help moms tell their stories.


When I look at old photos, I think about what I would give to hear my sons’ voices when they were 2 and 4. Where are the hard drives with all the videos I took when they were born?

I identified another pain for parents that we can solve: help moms tell stories. Most moms have incomplete baby books because when the job of motherhood gets challenging, the baby book is put on hold. Before you know it, the kids are grown, and the stories are forgotten.


Something was missing. We started interviewing moms, which added depth and emotion to the video

The missing piece is the client’s personal touch. We establish trust, to get us into the zone of being vulnerable. Real feelings are what make the stories authentic and full of heart. We provide a safe space of confidentiality, which creates trust. We value deep relationships with our clients.


Creating storybooks was a natural transition for us, since we’ve been telling stories through portraits for 16 years.

One day, on my dad’s birthday, I created a storybook for him. He hasn’t stopped talking about this storybook. Giving the gift of a story is the best gift we can give our parents. Giving them tribute is more precious than any gift. He showed that book to everyone, and continues to read it again and again.


We don’t express often enough what we feel for people

When we create tributes for others, we give them the language to express love to another. We bridge hearts and connect people. This is where we got excited. We’re on a mission to connect the world: to bridge hearts, and to give you the language to express what you want.


How our story gifts allow you to replay special moments.

How we bridge and connect hearts through stories.

How one is able to express the greatest gift one could give: love.

Thus, The Story Company

The Story Company icon creatively represents these three simple things that captures the heart of storytelling.

My name is Eileen Juan and I’m the founder and CEO of The Story Company.  Our companies are run by young, creative millennials, who believe in the heart of service as our number one value.  We, as a team, are on a mission to connect the world.

I believe in this: live fully, love truly, document it well, and inspire the future.  I love my job

I am a storyteller, an entrepreneur, and a mom to Rafa and Joaquin.  When I am not in the office, you can find me running after planes to my next destination. I am usually watching a sunset with a glass of wine, laying on the beach, skiing on the snow, kiteboarding on blue waters, meditating during a sunrise, or standing on my head on a yoga mat in an exotic destination.

I believe life is too short to not express love.  I am honoured and privileged to hear your story.

Let me help you give the gift of an expression, and bridge your heart to another.