The Best Gift Idea for Christmas

Nothing brings families together better than the jolly holiday of Christmas.

Christmas is the blissful time of year when everyone erases records of wrongs, sets aside differences to dine together in one hearty feast, and gives gifts joyfully as it is also a season of generosity. Because it’s also a tradition that’s celebrated on the last month of the year, it encourages people to reflect about what happened throughout the year — the challenges we’ve overcome, the blessings we’ve received, the goals we were able to cross off our bucket lists, the places we’ve explored and the memories we’ve made in them, and perhaps above all, the people who were with us each step of the way.

These people are the ones who have joined us in our ups and downs and they deserve recognition on Christmas day for their outstanding efforts to keep us on the good and right track over the past eleven months. The ones who cheered us on during our big wins and small wins but were also the ones who, when the year was taking an ugly turn, stayed and soldiered through the rough roads with us. These are the ones we call parents.

Our parents really take their time in thinking about what to get for us on Christmas. Then they patiently wade their way in crowded malls and wait in long lines just to buy the perfect gift that they think would make us feel special. Parents always have our best interests in mind, they always take delight in seeing us happy. This is how they’ve always been, not just throughout the year but throughout our lives. So on a special occasion of love and thanksgiving, it’s only right to do the same for them in return. And what better way to thank our parents than to give them the gift of honor?

To honor someone is not to simply thanks for the material things they’ve graciously given, but more importantly, to show appreciation for all that they’ve done for us – to show deep gratitude for the impact they’ve made in our lives. This Christmas, let’s give our parents a gift that lasts so they can always remember how much we respect and value their great role in shaping us into the kind of human beings we have grown up to be. A gift with no expiration and no diminishing value. A gift that doesn’t run out, fade, or fail. A gift that won’t get lost as time passes or won’t be just another thing to add in the pile of forgotten presents in the attic. Let us give them a gift that reminiscences the good times we’ve had as a family, with them as the pillars that keep our home safe and steady. A gift that reminds them of their favorite days, so they can always have something to look back to. This Christmas, let’s give our parents a video gift that shows how much we appreciate what they do.

The truth is, we can never outgive our parents. So the best gift we can offer to the ones who daily give their lives to see us live; to the ones who have given up so much, sometimes even their own dreams; and the ones who keep on giving — is a gift that honestly depicts how grateful we are for everything they’ve given.

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